Sunday, December 14, 2014

Just Released on Kindle: It Takes A Fool: A Tough Lesson Learned On Bullying, by Sasha Dreams

It Takes A Fool: A Tough Lesson Learned on Bullying Life couldn't be sweeter for ten year old Sasha…

She’s the darling of her fifth grade class and her best friend always has her back…just like a sister. But simmering beneath the beautiful life are the dark secrets her parents harbor, secrets that slowly wind their way around the heart of the family, choking the life from Sasha. Helpless, afraid and alone, she fights the only way she can but her desperate quest for survival could lead to her own destruction!

It Takes a Fool explores the darkest depths of poverty, addiction and bullying, and how even the innocence of a child can be twisted into something monstrous. Sasha will do all she can to survive a nightmare she can’t wake up from, but in protecting herself, she might just destroy everyone around her...

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