Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Why Pay So Much For SEO?


Why Pay So Much For SEO?

One basic fact of online business that everyone knows and accepts is that traffic = profits. In other words, the more people who visit a website, the more visitors who will be converted into customers.

While advertising (for those who can afford it) and word of mouth can drive a small amount of traffic to a website, this will never be enough to make money.

Most internet businesses are volume driven and the lack of overheads allows prices to be kept low. The competition means prices must be competitive. There restricted margins means that profits come from big sales volumes. This does not mean that you have to sell in millions (either units or dollars) and everything in proportion.

But volumes are critical to your success. And volumes come from search engines.

Everyone knows that the internet has made us all lazy. We search online for what we want, but unless we are not able to find what we are looking for on page 1 of the results, we never go to page 2 or beyond. It's too much trouble. That is why so many website owners pay SEO consultants huge amounts to optimize their sites so that they get the best search engine rankings. This is a needless expense. Spider Language allows you to optimize your site yourself.

Spider Language is the bait for the Google robot. It is the kind of language that the search engine is looking for. Once Google finds Spider Language, it ranks the website high on its results. Spider Language can now be learned in a simple course that takes just a few hours a week and even newbies can pick up without hassles. And the results in terms of increased traffic and increased sales begin to show immediately.

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive and highly effective way to drive traffic to your website, Spider Language is the answer to your problems.

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