Thursday, April 20, 2017

Find The Perfect Pen For You And Help Our Charity. It Also Makes a Great Gift For All Occasions...

Hello everybody,

Welcome to CityOfLondonPens, my beloved hobby is collecting fountain pens. I also enjoy restoring old pens and in order to pay for all the polishes, waxes and tools required - and to make it easier for all concerned I am showcasing these on Ebay.

Any hobbyist will tell you that it is almost impossible to make any money at this. I certainly don t because each pen requires a combination of time and love.

Fortunately I have plenty of both. The specialist polishes are very expensive, the equipment and tools are of a specialist nature, Ebay take a chunk, Paypal take a chunk and a percentage of almost every transaction goes to Tearfund. A fantastic charity I have supported privately and financially for many years. In modern terminology it is a Win - Win - Win situation.

I enjoy my hobby which pays for itself, Tearfund get a donation every month and you end up with a lovely restored fountain pen at a great price.

I offer a full refund if not delighted...

Happy Browsing,


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